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Hahah Flashbacks....

I couldnt sleep... so I came into the livngroom to watch a bit of t.v. in hopes it would finally make me sleepy. Anyway, I come in, and Saved by the Bell (with the original cast) was on... and I was like wtf... flashback. So now Im feeling all nostalgic soo... here's a random list of shit I miss from "back in the day".
1-Crystal Clear Pepsi
2-Gem and the Rockers
3-Fraggle Rock
5-Jellies (the adoreably slippery when your feet sweat shoe)
6-New Kids on the Block
7-2 words..... Hammer Pants... cant touch this hhahahaa
8- toys inside cereal boxes... what ever happened to those?
9-slap bracelets
10- most of all.... cheap gas

yep... there's more I just cant think right now
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