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I like This Place

 Being an Introvert its difficult for me to find any one group to belong to, but I think this just might be it. For the past year I have been dealing with the frustration of being part of my Fiance's LiveJournal Community. I just wasn't big on any net blogging, journal whathaveyou thing and she inisisted to the point she made me an account, and added it to her group.

Well everyone in that group is obsessed with something I am not obsessed with, then I finally thought to make my own cause I do like speaking my mind and I feel its almost destructive to just keep it inside and I like the idea of being brave enough to let others read in and give their hopefully constructive criticism or opinon. 

Group after group was something I could tell was just another obsession after the other and there are few things I obsess over and really I just want to Ramble, and not every day whenever I get the free time. It's good to see other people do too so I am just going to set my boots here till someone decides to kick me out.

Keep on Ramblin' * gets cliche brick thrown at him*
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