David (fistacopter) wrote in yepisaidit,

Just an idea-- might become a short story later

Sean Carroll's Brain

Sean Carroll was a twittering self-proclaimed genius, and wanted everyone to know just how damned brilliant he was. During his Freshman year of high school, he had written a paper on the similarities between different factions of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party and how Bolshevik principles should be applied to present-day America. Now, three years after his graduation, he found the paper while going through some of his old belongings he'd packed away before moving out of his parent's home. Since then, he had finished two years at a community college, but wasn't able to keep his GPA up to standard on account of his excessive merrymaking, and had to drop out halfway through his third semester. He became depressed over the matter, but finding the paper gave him a renewed sense of confidence. Once again, he proclaimed himself to be a great mind, but without having a clue as to how many people came before him with strikingly similar ideas. Other people had the same problem, so it wasn't an uncommon circumstance.

One such example was a young man by the name of Joseph Browning. While he was most certainly a gifted student, he failed to observe even the most obvious goings-on around him; as a result, he was just short of becoming an innovator, even though he would often boast of his aptitude for original thought.

"I'm thinking about fusing jazz with metal. No one's ever done that before," Joseph exclaimed to a room of people he thought respected him. Two of the people in his room sat thinking how Noise Records was just weeks away from releasing WatchTower's "Control And Resistance," which successfully fused elements of jazz and heavy metal. As the two glanced at each other, Joseph mistook their introspective gazes as silent praise while he managed to play some "jazz" chords he'd learned from a "jazz" guitar book. John, who'd studied jazz guitar, thought the chords sounded more like Chicago blues, which he hated passionately, but let Joseph's claim go unchallenged in hope of Joseph making a bigger fool of himself sometime in the future, and in front of a much more hostile crowd than the one presently gathered. The real kick in the ol' ass was that Joseph had seen WatchTower play the very description of his unmindful contrivance a few months before at Joe's Garage.

And so, such was the folly of Sean Carroll: ever the gifted youth, but always just a step or two behind his contemporaries without ever realizing it.

One night as Sean romanticized about joining a revolution which had "been in progress since 1917," he at once flipped open his skull and removed his brain. After winding up his arm as would a major league pitcher, he heaved it into the star-lit sky with such stupendous force it surprised even himself. The brain bolted through the atmosphere, nearly reaching the exosphere while Sean looked on as his brain disappeared from his sight. Moments later, gravity did it's job, and the brain began it's descent. Sean squealed with glee as it came back into view.

Not far away from where Sean was having his impetuous moment of what one could describe- had there been anyone around to have actually seen it happen- as outright adolescent uncouthness, Gina and Rob sat looking into the sky, hoping to catch sight of a falling star.

"We'll wait for a little while longer, if you like," said Rob as he pulled her closer to him while at the same time lusting over the way the wind was blowing her long, dark hair into her face. Fuck, she was sexy with hair in her face.
"I'll wait with you as long as this night lasts," answered Gina.

Just above the mesosphere, Sean's brain sped toward Earth. It popped. It fizzled. And then there was nothing left of it.

Sometime around three a.m., Rob and Gina decided to go back to the cabin they had rented for their honeymoon.

"Wish we could've seen just one damned shooting star tonight," said Gina as they walked back to the car.
"Yeah," sighed Rob.
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