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Alright... New Community--

I decided to start a random thoughts community as I am generally just thinking up off the wall shit. Soo here are some starter ones.

--How toilet paper companies could make a killing..--
Biblical scripture toilet paper would be one of the best selling ideas ever, first of all... churches would love to use it as a witnessing tool... it would be in every bathroom stall in every church in America.- and lastly- there are a ton of people out there who would like nothing more than to wipe their ass with God's word-
--Strawberry poptarts make me happy.--
--Lines on the toes of socks... are really annoying.
--People that smell like odd things-- I went to school with a girl that always smelled like syrup... it was really weird.
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I can't stand when you smell fart, but then it's gone, like, right after you say "Jeez, who farted?"

Mmm, rollerbacon...

Shooting bananas out of potato guns is fun.
They're like hollow-point equivalents to match the FMJ that potatoes represent.

haha nice.
what I hate is when people walk by and fart... that is the overly smelly cousin to the drive by shooting... only its the infamous "walk by farting" I decided to give it a name as it happens so much where I work
i went to school with a boy that always smelled something i didn't know what it was until i had sex he smelled like it