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The Modern Woman who puts all the emphasis of her marriage on the wedding is automatically the cause of the divorce when it happens, plain and simple. 

If you had to have the groom in the right tuxedo and the right dresses for the bridesmaids, etc. when you most likely get divorced it was all your fault starting from that day. 

If he beat you its probably because you kept trying to neuter him.

If he cheated on you its because you became frigid and lifeless, or you probably cheated on him.

If he was bad with money, its because you were stupid with money first and he has been wanting to get you back.

If he shoots himself in the head, its cause you are the worst thing that ever happened to him because you drain away his life.

All these can be linked to that one special day, so ladies stop being so stuck up and just settle for...hmm whats it called? oh yes a LONG and HAPPY marriage, unless you want that LONG and EXPENSIVE wedding then by all means.

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