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Bob Barker

Where is Bob Barker when you need him? I am becoming more and more ashamed of being hispanic with every teen pregnacy and its about time they made a law to have Latino kids spayed or neutered. All youth is upping the population but I can't deny hispanics are raking in the most numbers, and odds aren't in favor of the generation that is coming from these kids doing much better...well maybe at raking in higher numbers.

For the teen out there that got raped or simply made a mistake but has the means to and desire to take responsibilty for their actions in hope to raise their child smarter than they were, you have my respect. For those who did it just for the sex and either aborted or are letting their parents raise the child so they can fuck some more, someone take the children away from these children and cut out their reproductive organs so they don't make the same mistake again.

No more adopting outside the country we have enough mutt children in the streets today not knowing how their parents going to the same school they are will be bringing home food, and hell if middle class workers don't need their tax dollars wasted on programs helping these stupid horny idiots who can't figure out the importance of a condom or how to use it, take away their human rights and cut out the gear once it has been abused, harder working smart people can use the money for help with their diabetes medicine so take it away from lazy baby makers just fucking to make more for even more money.

Spay or Neuter all the young monkeys in this country, take their kids away and give them to any adopting decent family and I do mean ANY, all this bullshit keeping homosexuals from adopting and all the highways of paperwork and regulations are just making life harder for the people who didn't choose to be born to morons. We need to take away rights now before we are giving rights we never needed later, like enforced cannibalism to thin out these numbers.
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